• Dual Controller Charging Station for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One/Xbox One S/X, Xbox One Elite Controllers, Charger Dock Kits with 2 x 1100mAh Rechargeable Battery Packs


    Universal Compatibility: The dual controller charging station supports Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One/ Xbox One S/X, Xbox One Elite Controllers, It can charge 2 controllers simultaneously.
    Large Capacity Battery Pack:Comes with 2* 1100mAh rechargeable battery, provides the maximum amount of energy for your Xbox one controllers. It is an excellent alternative to ordinary AA batteries, allowing you to continue gaming while charging. The batterry up to 30-33 hours of play time.
    LED Indicator: The charging station features LED illumination to indicate Charging Status. Red means the controller is charging and green means fully charged. When controller are fullu charged, you can remove the controller directly without any other operation.
    Two Charging Methods: 1, Directly Charging your game controllers with charging cable; 2, Charging the battery packs inside the controller, you can choose the charging method you want.
    Best Gift for Game Lover: It’s a must for game player.

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  • [Updated]Hand Grip for Nintendo 2DS XL with 1 Stylus and 1 Clear Case for Nintendo 2DS XL


    [New Design available]: We have fixed all minor issues mentioned in some reviews:1.This grip does not cover the game cartridge slot,so you don’t need to remove it when you want to change games. 2.It will be easier to press the power button. 3.When you take off this grip case for 2DS XL,it will not leave marks on the 2DS XL.It will be easy to remove from your 2DS XL. 4.You will get a upper clear case for your console.So your New 2DS XL will get best protection.
    Special Design: Unlike a lot of hand grips for 2DS XL on Amazon,this flat bottom design makes you change the games and press the button easily.You don’t need to take if off and on. It is lightweight,comfortable and sturdy so you can play it on the go.Kickstand makes watching Netfix or playing Kid Icarus super easy on a desk.
    Excellent Protection: Made by the high quality Nintendo console manufacturer on Amazon.We offer great protection to your Nintendo 2DS XL (2017).The upper hard shell clear case protects your game console from drops and scratches.A better grip to keep from dropping the 2DS XL on your face if you lie down and hold it.
    Hidden Stylus: If you lose your official 2DS Stylus,there is a great replacement stylus for your NINTENDO 2DS XL / LL which easily snaps inside a convenient storage slot on the hand grip back.It is very convinient.
    Easily insert and remove: Easily place and remove.

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  • FYOUNG Vertical Stand for Playstation 5 with Cooling Fan Charging Station for PS5 Digital Edition/Ultra HD Console with Controller Charger Game Rack Storage Organizer USB Ports for PS5 and DualSense


    ✔Multi-Functionl Charging Dock: Charging stand for your PS5 Digital Edition & Ultra HD game console, built in 2 cooling fans, charging dock for 2 PS5 controllers, 3 USB hubs to expand the USB function, game storage rack for your game cards. Great way to organize and charge your gaming system at the same time. The best Playstation 5 experience is with this charging dock.
    ✔No Overheating Stand: The fans really help keep it cool when gaming or streaming. The cooling fans, 3000PRN, with power botton, it can quickly and effectively heat your Playstation 5 game console
    ✔ Storage for PS5 Accessoriess: With retraction game disc box stroage bracket, it can store 14 game disc boxes. Included 2 charging docks, which can charge and storage 2 PS5 controllers at the same time.
    ✔3 Extra USB Hub Ports: USB ports allow you to connect different devices and transfer data. Good amount of space to store games on the side.
    ✔Controller Charging Dock: It does recharge the batteries in the PS5 controllers. It’s easy to connect and use.

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  • Wireless Keyboard Compatible for Nintendo Switch, Wireless Gamepad Chatpad Message Keyboard for Switch, 2.4G USB Rechargable Handheld Remote Control Keyboard for Switch with a 2.4G Receiver


    Convenient and Easy to Use – It really makes it much easier to do searches on the web and to chat with team mates using this keyboard.It is comfortable and doesn’t add much weight.Pairing is simple.Remove the right Joy-Con and take out the 2.4G receiver header, connect the chatpad and switch console via the 2.4G receiver.
    Charging Function – It can charge your joy cons. Battery capacity: Li polymer 200mAh 0.74W.The keyboard can be charged directly with the Switch AC Adapter. There are some signal indicators so you will know about the charging status.The battery is full of charge after 1.5 hours of charging.
    Light Indication – When charging,the red indicator is on;when it is full of charge,the red indicator is extinguished.At the same time,the switch Joy-Con can be charged.While charging,the corresponding red light lights up;after it is full of charge,the red light goes out and the green light turns on.
    High Sensitive – Wireless transmission distance is 8 -10 meters.Wireless protocol:2.4G.Very responsive.Switch 2.4G wireless keyboard suite enables players to input letters and commonly used symbols,chat,surf on the Internet,search for favorite games or others easily and quickly.
    Good Gift – Gamers who have Switch must love this convenient keyboard for Switch.

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